MLM Disadvantages and Advantages

MLM multilevel network marketing has become one of the most popular ways to do business and earn income at your own comfort. Some MLM companies are now integrating online marketing, registration and product promotion. This advent of the Internet has made this even popular among the masses. Like any other business model this form of marketing has its own advantages and disadvantages. A business that uses MLM marketing as a means to market a product or service gains the advantage of not having to hire full time salespeople.

Marketing is done through a multi tiered system of independent sales force, these are the people responsible for selling the product or service offered by the company and for recruiting independent sales people (distributors) into the business. Below outline the advantages and disadvantages of MLM marketing.

Disadvantages of Multilevel Marketing

Advantages of Multilevel Marketing

MLM network marketing is often a very attractive business model to those looking to supplement their current income. A truly successful MLM marketer gets result in direct proportion to the amount of effort put forth as independent distributor. If more time is spent recruiting than selling, the distributor is doomed to fail. This is the fate of about 90 percent of multilevel marketers. But if a distributor is serious about getting into an multilevel marketing business and focus in building sales team then success is just one step ahead.

One major disadvantage of multilevel network marketing programs is also its biggest draw for new recruits: the down lines. Many people will not stop to look at this because they are focused on the idea of making money off from someone else's labor. Let's take a look at some of the disadvantages of MLM Marketing.

In multilevel network marketing one must have wide social network (team) to create massive down-lines. Though the disadvantages outnumbered by advantages - one should always remember that in any form of business - consistency and goal focused are the keys to become successful. In multilevel marketing business, the focused should be in building network team massive income will then follow whether it be from direct sales or from people joining the team.